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Green Business Network

Resource Efficiency & Action Programme (REAP)

Photo: Eden waste man REAP helps local businesses reduce their impact on the environment whilst improving business efficiencies that can result in substantial cost savings. The programme is free of charge and fully funded by Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Councils.

Many managers do not know how much their business spends on energy, water and waste. In fact, what most managers usually think of as waste (what goes out in the skip) is only the tip of the iceberg. Most companies spend between 30 and 60% of their turnover on raw materials and a staggering 90% ends up as waste!

Resource efficiency looks at inputs, processes and outputs and cuts out waste across the board. It allows managers to cut costs without sacrificing value. Any manager yet to address resource efficiency has the opportunity to make significant business savings. Most companies involved with REAP should be able to reduce energy consumption by 20%, water use by 30% and waste by 50%. If all the businesses in just Bedfordshire & Luton took advantage of REAP, it would add an extra £58 million to the bottom line of the local economy.

In addition to working with managers new to resource efficiency, GBN welcomes more experienced managers to the scheme as well in order to share best practice and contribute to their continual improvement. To date, GBN has saved local businesses more than £1.5 million under REAP.

Through REAP, GBN can help managers to:

Involvement in REAP is a gateway to success. All managers involved with REAP can take as much of as little from the project as they need and can influence its future form and direction.

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