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Local Companies Heed the Call to Reduce Environmental Impacts on World Environment Day

Release date: 14/06/2006

Members of the local Green Business Network (GBN) have been pledging to reduce their environmental impacts following the UK initiative led by the Environment Agency call for them to "Promise the Earth for World Environment Day". The Day, officially held on 5 June, has come and gone, but its legacies will last for years to come.

GBN’s own contribution to World Environment Day consisted of attending a “Networking Matters” seminar to stress the business benefits to companies of sound environmental practices. Accompanying GBN chief executive Sarah Williams was Ellen Maunder of Grundfos, who delivered a presentation detailing what her company has done both over the past few years and what it had done for World Environment Day. Essentially, Grundfos employees participated in the promise pyramid advertised on the Environment Agency website and in a very short time have saved: 2.2 batteries, 0.2 hours of volunteer time, 68.8 kg of carbon dioxide, 6049 litres of water, 14.2 plastic bags.

GBN members from a variety of businesses – small and large, government bodies and other organisations have provided feedback on the measures they’ve taken, which will not only benefit the environment, but will also save them money. Here’s a selection of their actions that other companies can learn from and use to reduce their own environmental impacts.

GBN is committed to helping businesses in Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes and neighbouring areas to save £250,000 this year by cutting down on water, electricity and gas use and by reducing the amount of waste they produce. The organisation, supported by funding from Envirowise and Bedfordshire County Council together with membership subscriptions, offers companies the opportunity to take advantage of free or low-cost training and advice and to share best practice at networking and other events.

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