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Seminar reveals how major cash and carbon savings can be achieved simply by changing your lights

Release date: 12/01/2010

Local businesses learned that energy costs from lighting could be halved just by using different fluorescent tubes at a seminar held at Luton based energy saving lighting and controls specialist Chalmor Limited. The event, which was organised jointly by environmental business groups Bedfordshire Green Business Network (GBN) and West Anglian Energy and Environmental Management Group (WAEEMG) highlighted the financial and environmental advantages of introducing the latest advances in lighting technologies to business premises.

Following a presentation by Chalmor, delegates had the opportunity to see energy saving lighting and control systems in action at Chalmor’s premises, which have been retrofitted with a wide range and variety of the most up to date technologies available in the market.  

Jane Varley, Business Manager of GBN, said: “The event has been a huge success. In fact, we have a waiting list for a second event at Chalmor’s offices that we will be holding early next year. It’s great that local businesses have the chance to not only hear about advances in lighting technology, but also to see it in action. All businesses have to deal with lighting, and it’s an area where relatively inexpensive changes can result in good cost and carbon savings within a short period of time.”

You can now book a place at the repeated seminar by visiting the seminars and events page of the GBN website. For more information about lighting, contact Chalmor Limited on 01582 748700.

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