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Salvaged Building Materials, Fixtures and Fittings offered free

Integria project in Luton seeks takers for salvaged building products

Release date: 12/11/2009

A building refurbishment project in Luton run by Integria is looking to save tonnes of building materials, fixtures and fittings going to landfill by offering them free of charge.

Wood (all screws and nails removed), carpet tiles, channelling for partitioning, doors, large glass panes, 14 toilet bowls, 14 porcelein urinals, 14 wash basins, a large number of good condition radiators and a host of other products have been carefully removed from the building so that others can make use of them.

Anyone who is interested - and this could be businesses, members of the public, community projects, etc - should contact Adrian Vanschalkwyk (ask for Adrian) on 07766 148575 or email him

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