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Larger organisations to come under Carbon Reduction Commitment by 2010

Release date: 06/10/2008

Coming in January 2010 is the carbon reduction commitment (CRC), a compulsory UK-wide scheme to make larger organisations reduce their carbon emissions or pay for them. However,

action now could mitigate its effects on your business.

The CRC will mainly affect large private and public sector organisations whose 70 kVA electricity use is above 6,000MWh in 2008. An organisation can be made up of many businesses. If it applies to your company, you will have to trade carbon allowances and cut carbon emissions. The CRC will cover both electricity use and direct emissions from energy use, including gas and fuel oil.

If you exceed the 6,000MWh limit, you will have to comply with the CRC. In early 2009 you will have to confirm to Defra that you are covered by the scheme.

You will need to measure and report on all of your energy use (ie electricity, gas, fuel oil, coal,  liquefied petroleum gas, etc) from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009.

If you need to check what the implications of CRC are for your business, or to see whether it will apply to you, visit for more information

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