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Community Waste offers recycling for all plastics

Release date: 06/10/2008

Community Waste based at Milton Keynes Council’s Materials Recycling Facility in Wolverton is extending its services to include recycling for all types of plastic generated by businesses. This could help you to reduce landfill taxes, increase recycling rates, save waste disposal costs, and potentially generate an income.

If you are currently paying for disposal of your plastic waste, it may be worth another look. Some  types of plastic (if you have sufficient quantities, separated properly and stored in a clean condition)

can generate an income and be taken away free of charge.

Alternatively, if you have smaller quantities of plastic that have been separated and you wish to drop them off at the MRF, this can also be arranged – free of charge.

Examples of plastic that can be recycled include: acrylic, PVC, PC casings, plastic sheeting, coat hangers, plastic bottles and containers – in fact, almost any type of plastic.

If you want more information about whether your plastic waste is worth money, please contact Duncan Eyles on 07791 106308, or call Community Waste direct on 01908 225000 or email

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