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GRF Engineering gains BSI recognition for environmental performance

Release date: 31/07/2008

Luton-based CNC machining company GRF Engineering has just been awarded recognition from BSI that it meets the stringent demands of ISO 14001 - the prestigious international environmental management standard.


In order to achieve recognition, the business had to go through a demanding assessment of its working practices and ensure that its effects on the environment are being managed, minimised, and improved.


On presenting the prestigious certificate of registration, Justine Morgan, sales manager at BSI, said: “When BSI award an ISO 14001 certificate, we put our name alongside yours, our brand beside yours, our reputation alongside yours. So, as you can imagine, we are pretty choosy about who we give them to. In the case of GRF Engineering, we were very impressed and we are honoured to put our name beside yours.”


One of the main benefits of GRF achieving ISO 14001 was the potential edge it would give the company over its competitors. Ian Freeman, quality and environmental manager at GRF, explains: “Our customers are hinting quite strongly that having ISO 14001 really wouldn’t do us any harm.”


The company had help to gain recognition to the standard. It worked with the Bedfordshire Green Business Network, which provided training and on-site support, and Steve Saunders of SESS Ltd, who also acted as an advisor to the company.


Jane Varley, business manager of the Green Business Network, is delighted that GRF were able to take advantage of the services on offer. She said: “Achieving ISO 14001 can be a challenge for larger companies, but for an SME like GRF to go from zero systems to full certification in just eight months is pretty heroic. GBN is extremely pleased that it was able to provide support for GRF’s effort.”


And has it all been worthwhile? Ian Freeman said: “Not only has our environmental awareness increased, but we’ve also got a much better grasp of the legislation that applies to us and what we should be doing to meet it.”


This registration to ISO 14001 brings the number of companies achieving recognition to the environmental management under the BETI+ programme up to six out of fifteen - and by the end of 2008, GBN anticipates that most of these businesses will have achieved recognition.

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