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Green Buying Website to go live in December

Release date: 03/12/2007

A website dealing with issues relating to sustainable purchasing is to go live in December. The site is the initiative of Matthew Roper of Green Buying Ltd, who delivered the GBN seminar on greening the supply chain in November.

He aims to bring information, education, advice and products relating to sustainable purchasing together on one website to enable businesses to learn more about how sustainable purchasing can be achieved, whilst giving purchasers and buyers the opportunity to make contact via an online trading service with genuinely green companies selling genuinely green business goods & services.

The site will offer:

Tim Smit, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Eden Project has this to say about Green Buying: "Green Buying is an ambitious and well timed service which builds on the growing demand for green services and products in a market place which is in chaos and without leadership. I salute this initiative and support entirely the proposition that communities of green providers should gather together in a virtual and real market in the way that they are doing here. I wish you every success and look forward to working with you in the future."

For more information, visit but not until late December when the site goes fully live.

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