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New Environment Agency Guidance aims to increase wood recycling

Release date: 03/12/2007

The Environment Agency has announced new guidance for the timber industry, which effectively removes existing controls on the recovery of virgin timber.

Clean non-virgin timber will remain regulated, normally through exemptions, while treated timber will still be considered as waste and will be regulated in the normal way.

The idea is to make putting untreated wood back into productive use as easy as possible. "Virgin timber has not been oiled, painted, preserved or chemically treated in any way and doesn't pose a risk to human health or the environment," said Martin Brocklehurst, head of external programmes for the Environment Agency. "As a result, producers can recover and sell-on virgin waste wood such as off-cuts, shavings or sawdust from sawmills, free from regulatory control."

This decision came about as a result of work undertaken by the Waste Protocols Project.

The regulatory position statement for wood can be found on the Environment Agency website at

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