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Free durable plastic containers

GBN member offers clean and durable plastic containers

Release date: 22/04/2016

One of our GBN members is offering durable, small plastic barrels free of charge. They are airtight, water-tight and have a secure locking mechanism on the lid. They are also clean, having been used to transport pills, which were in a secondary containment. Our member has a number of these barrels available free to anyone who wants to pick them up. Some members have already identified that they could use them as storage for PPE in vans or in transporting/storing other items. If you could use these, please contact me and I will pass on the memberís contact details. These are part of a one-off consignment and are not usually part of the memberís waste stream, hence the offer to you. You can email me at or call on 01234 241411.

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