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Payment incentives for Employers taking New Apprentices

Grants of 1500 per apprentice now available

Release date: 15/05/2013

TheNational Apprenticeship Service now has grants of 1500 under theApprenticeship Grant for Employers this is an incentive payment to employerstaking on new apprentices aged 16 to 24 yrs.
If you employ lessthan 1,000 staff and have not had apprentices in the last year, yourorganisation may be eligible for the Grant which is to the value of 1500 foreach new apprentice you take on, up to a maximum of 10 apprentices. Find outmore here
Apprenticeships are anextremely cost effective way of training and developing new recruits,particularly school leavers.
There are more than 200 different types of Apprenticeships available, and theyare designed for young people who learn on and off the job, supported by atraining provider. The training costs are fully subsidised by the government ifyou take on a 16 to 18 year old apprentice.
The grant of 1500 per apprentice is only available until December 2013, so ifyou are looking to take on an extra pair of hands and would like to consider anapprentice and claim this grant, please contact the Apprenticeship Programme assoon as possible.
To arrange a no obligation chat about the Apprenticeship programme and claimingthe grant, please call Amanda Sayers on 07958 021215 or email

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