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Deloitte - Milton Keynes Office Green Day

At the start of 2007, Deloitte's Milton Keynes office recycled less than ten bags of waste a month, and the only green initiatives were being carried out on an ad hoc basis. Aconcerted Green Day campaign to encourage recycling within the office began. Measures taken included removing all individual waste bins and replacing them with central recycling stations for glass, plastic cups, cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and journals, and office paper.

The Green Business Network (GBN), Cawleys, and Milton Keynes Council offered support on the Green Day by spending time talking to staff about how they could change their behaviour both at work and at home to work towards environmental sustainability.

The Green Day also encouraged people to sign up for car sharing as a means of getting to work and put people in touch with others living in similar areas.“The Green Day was very successful,” says Della Judd, service centre manager. "It went a long way towards explaining what we were doing and why." Della organised the day as part ofher green champion role and had a Green team (about 20 staff) helping out on the day.

Deloitte's green initiatives in the Milton Keynes' office have been incredibly successful to date:

Recycling at Deloitte increases ten-fold•Recycling has increased ten-fold
•Staff can place unwanted junk mail, newspapers and other papers in a tray and a green team member will ensure the person is unsubscribed from the mailing list
•Plastic cups and plastic bags are being re-used
•Staff are turning PCs and other IT equipment off overnight and when not in use
•All printers have been set to duplex as a default throughout the company
•Training materials are now produced on line and via the Intranet and those that are necessary have been cut down to the bare minimum of paper.

It's not just waste that is being addressed.The firm is also working on reducing the amount and cost of transport. Video conferencing, and teleconferencing is encouraged rather than travelling to meetings. This has also resulted in a faster speed to market as staff can communicate much more quickly. Rather than having to wait until everyone is available for an on-site meeting, they are carried out remotely, which cuts down the lead time on a whole range of communications.

The Milton Keynes office has made dramatic steps to support the firm’s overall Green Agenda since October last year. One year down the line, it’s a very different story. They are now recycling over 150 bags of waste each month. In May, the Milton Keynes office’s recycling profile looked like this:

•12 bags of aluminum cans
•12 bags of toner cartridges
•16 bags of plastic bottles
•49 bags of plastic cups
•64 bags of paper

This equates to almost three quarters of a ton of waste per month being recycling, and means that nearly a third of our waste is being recycled.

Della Judd says, “Our mentality is changing. We don’t bother to go into London for one meeting, we’d dial into a telephone conference instead.”

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