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The Customer Experience proves you don't have to be big to make a difference

The Customer Experience is a small marketing company based in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. It employs three people who provide PR and marketing services on a contract basis to a variety of other businesses, many of them with a strong environmental or ethical bias.

Recycling at The Customer ExperienceThe company has a very strong commitment to reducing its environmental impacts and many examples of good practice are already in place, such as recycling paper and card; switching off lights and unused appliances; not using plastic cups or plates; using digital proofs, communications and photography wherever possible; receiving electronic press cuttings, and opening windows rather than using air conditioning.

In addition, the company have introduced paper product recycling to other occupants of the building. Business owner and manager Kate Moore is extremely committed to making environmental improvements, but she wanted help to know how she could further extend her influence to her customers and other businesses.

“I’d already attended the seminars run by GBN and put a lot of the ideas into practice, but I felt that I needed advice on how to take it one stage further, so I approached GBN.”

Kate has expressed an interest in implementing a formal environmental management system for The Customer Experience and GBN advised her to take the BS 8555 route devised for smaller businesses. The Network was able to offer help to the company to work through Stage 1, which involves gaining management commitment and devising a formal environmental policy.

Stage 2 was the next point to be addressed, which involves identifying and prioritising a business’s environmental impacts. For Kate and The Customer Experience, this might appear to be a tricky exercise on the surface. As the company is small and service based, its environmental impacts are actually fairly minimal. However, GBN was able to offer the company advice relating partially to The Customer Experience’s own activities, but, more importantly, also on how it could influence its customers and supply chain.

GBN was able to suggest the following:

Kate is also determined to start to extend her sphere of influence and intends to support a local campaign to help the small market town of Stony Stratford emulate Modbury in becoming a plastic bag free zone.